Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bandhavgarh National Park History

Bandhavgarh is a unique tiger reserve situated in Vindhya's in the state of Madhya Pradesh in India. Though small as compared to Kanha National Park in size, it equals it in case of floral biodiversity. The mammal species are less in number at Bandhavgarh Park, but nevertheless the easy sightings of Bengal tigers in the wild and unparalleled beauty makes it a unique destination. The hard ground Barasingha has not been recorded here. The Bisons of Bandhavgarh became extinct few years back. Besides these animals the park has all the mammlia typical to Central India. It is most frequented by wild life lovers, naturalists and photographers in India.

The most enchanting paradise in India Bandhavgarh National Park has undulating terrain with igneous rocks, large marshy grasslands and dense forested hill slopes. It is unique that it holds ruins of ancient civilizations in its folds. Littered all over the park are man made caves, ancient temples, stables and ruins of a once magnificent fort atop the Bandhavgarh Hill at 800 m. The monuments most of them in ruins date two thousand years back. The last dynasty to rule Bandvgarh fort was the Baghel Kings Maharajas of Rewa.

Amidst the ruins and rubble roam wild tigers and other animals. The Sesh Shaiyya, on the way up to the fort is a fairy tale like pond with a reclining Vishnu carved in stone on one side. The statue is carved out of rock and is twenty feet long. It is a magnificent site - quaint and esoteric. The tigers roam in dense vegetation surrounding the place. In summers, whence water is scarce the area is usually the haunt of tigeress with cubs.

Sita the famous tigeress of Bandhavgarh preserve was often sighted at Sesh Shaiyya with her cubs. Charger the famous male tiger, who along with Sita sired many of Bandhavgarh's young tigers, and he once ruled this habitat for years.

Most of the hotels in Bandhavgarh National Park arrange a visit to Sesh Shaiyya. A big respite to hotel guests tired from many a frantic tiger chase. The ambiance is soothing and calm and a tiger passing by adds to the thrill.

For those on tiger safari in Bandhavgarh a visit to this enchanting place will add much to wildlife watching. The hotels and wildlife resorts do arrange for a visit to Sesh Shaiyya and the Fort on prior intimation.

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