Monday, July 21, 2008

Van Vilas Eden at Kanha

Restaurant Van Vilas Lodge
Van Vilas Resort at Kanha

Kanha is epitome of natures bounty. It defines inviolate, untouched and intact nature as God made it. In more technical lingo it is an intact ecosystem with perfect food chain. At Kanha the food pyramid is filled to brim with the tiger sitting at the top. Kanha celebrates life and augurs hope for the future of the earth and humanity.

Van Vilas

Situated in the depth of Mocha village at the periphery of Kanha National Park, Van Vilas hotel at Kanha offers peace and tranquility. Like Kanha it exemplifies nature and compliments the surrounding tropical greenery and rustic charm.

The owners are a group with three star hotels in Raipur in Chhattisarh, Barnawapara and Bandhavgarh tiger reserve. At Van Vilas no stone has been left unturned in order to create a wildlife resort as a wildlife resort should be. The architecture is an amalgamation of forest scape with traditional structures of India. The cool comfort and luxurious ambiance that the luxury resort offers sends squeals of delight on first sight.

Yes! Van Vilas is what every nature loving tourist would have imagined about a wildlife resort before stepping in here. It gels well with concepts of responsible eco-tourism.

Apart from the luxury and comfort Van Vilas generates a feeling of elation especially being a part of the nature which a city set up would never deliver.

Like erstwhile hunting loges Van Vilas is a modern concept that goes hand in hand with tiger safaris and birding. Like a hunting lodge it keeps you confined to the core elements of nature and wildlife. You do not slide back to chaotic urbanity -from which you have just escaped- you are kept united with the jungle and its denizens.

At Van Vilas you experience serenity, seclusion, elation and total conformity with nature. You can sleep in air conditioned comfort, dine on gastronomic delights churned by expert chefs and laze around the pool amidst gentle drafts of cool clean air.

You are miles away from chaotic urbanity - amidst nature and wildlife - birds, butterflies and wild animals that enchant you to no end. At Van Vilas in Kanha it is time to celebrate life and relish nature's offerings.

I am eagerly waiting for the season's start when tiger safari begins in October after the monsoon. That's when I will enjoy the hospitality of Van Vilas at Kanha again.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Welcome to Wildlife Resorts Blog

Welcome to Indian Wildlife Resorts and Lodges Blog

This blog is about top wildlife resorts, hotels and lodges in India. The accommodation at wildlife sanctuaries and National Parks is an interesting feature which is very much a part of eco-tourism and wildlife safaris in Central India.

I will blog mainly on hotel accommodation at Chhattisgarh state, Raipur town, Barnawapara sanctuary and Jabalpur, Kanha, Bandhavgarh in Madhya Pradesh state. These places are very popular for wildlife travels in Central India. The main aspects that this blog covers is to highlight various accommodations that the author finds worthy to write about. Indian wildlife resorts are an exciting safari experience which every traveler all over the World should experience.

The luxury resorts and jungle camps are specially designed to cater to the taste of all tourists, wildlife lovers, naturalists and nature photographers who travel a long distance in their quest to see the tiger and Indian wildlife. The wildlife photographers visit these wildlife sanctuaries and National Parks to photograph tigers and other rare and endangered wild animals and birds. The lodges offer unique cuisine which is influenced by the local tribal food habits. The hotel surroundings is a lush green tropical greenery unique to Indian forests. The staff is expert at service and wildlife savvy according a stay at these places ---A feeling of well being at its best!

This blog is also for interesting accounts of Indian wildlife and environment. The enchanting Indian wildlife attracts tourists from all over the World and of course India. The journey to the wilderness is a unique experience and accommodation is as well a matter of great interest. The hotel owners give a unique exclusive touch to their properties and create an environment that adds to the holistic experience of tiger safari at Indian tiger reserves.