Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tiger News

In perhaps what could be termed as unprecedented? Mr. Chouhan the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh the tiger state of India has transferred the Field Directors of three tiger reserves on account of negligence and dereliction of duty.
As per news published in Indian express and local Jabalpur daily they are the field directors of Kanha National Park, Panna and Bandhavgarh tiger reserve in MP. Of late there had been lots of reports of questionable deaths of tigers and mismanagement of the parks.

The tigers of Mukki Range in Kanha have suffered and have been wiped out. The current evidence of tigers there suggests movement from Kanha Range of the park. Subsequently the pressure came from the Central Government.
An investigative report conducted by NTCA or National Tiger Conservation Authority states absence of tigers from key habitats in the parks. This is by all means alarming and more tiger reserves would go the Sariska and Panna way.

The action of the Chief Minister of MP is coupled by investigation into the performance of past Field directors for evidence of apathy and negligence and specially investigation at Panna for complete decimation of tigers that has taken place there. An independent committee will conduct a probe as well as at other places where tiger deaths have occurred.

This is a heartening step for tiger conservationists in India and all over the World. Such action would at least reduce negligence and irresponsible governance by the staff at these tiger reserves.

Rarely have I seen any concerted action from a political big wig in India. But what remains to be seen is what action will be taken against those found guilty?

It must be noted that on many instances the staff and administration have shown neglect and apathy whence protection is concerned. What is required is to place these reserves in a special category and induct highly trained, dedicated and committed staff who is capable of policing as well managing tiger reserves. All these qualities are prerequisite in top brass as well as those at grassroots.

I have come across some officers who fit the bill, they should be permanently placed in sensitive bio diversity rich ecosystems.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Tiger: Upsy Daisy

This tiger photograph is and example of creative photography at its best.

Mr. Kamaljeet Singh Hora is an amateur wildlife photographer with professional zeal.

His tiger image published here explores a Bold creative angle and the result is stunning!