Wednesday, December 3, 2008

26/11 & Aftermath - Tourism

The terror attack on Mumbai on twenty sixth November can be described as worst nightmare for India ever. The senseless massacre by hate mongers left India stunned and the whole World. Not only Indians but some Americans, British, Israeli and citizens of other nationalities touring India succumbed to the brutal assault.

India is being targeted for its rising economy, positive International image and all things good in the country. My tribute to the unfortunate victims and condolences to near and dear one's.

Who and where hate mongers are nurtured is a matter of investigation? HE! HE! (Sic!)

Like everything else tourism too has suffered especially tiger tourism which has become a flourishing industry of late.

Less tourists would be visiting Kanha and Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserves due to the fear and unfound insecurity that has set in among tourists both local and International. Tiger Tourism help made friends for the endangered tiger without doubt. More and more people turn to conservation on experiencing wild jungle safaris all over the World so in India.

Other victims are the hotels in Kanha and Bandhavgarh National Parks and elsewhere in tiger reserves all over the country. Not forgetting the local communities that benefited from hotel industries around the safari parks and the local economy in toto. But India is a resilient Nation and so are its masses. The recovery will be quick.

Wildlife tourism has come as a boon to hotel and travel industry in India and in other economies all over the World. For many small Nations tourism including wildlife tourism and birding has come about with blessings as the mainstay of the economy. When turbulence occurs the poverty stricken citizens are the first to suffer.

That night of horror and after was a butchery of anything that walked as in the days of old when ruthless senseless hunting and deforestation was in vogue. People who come to love and respect nature are the most peaceful non violent people on Earth because they have learned to respect and preserve all life forms.

The societies that are tackling the menace of extremism and rabid fundamentalist ideologies (sometimes state sponsored) should encourage education in nature conservation fervidly among its masses to root out violence in any form.

National progress comes as a result of quality of its people, a few unchecked rabid elements within like rotten apple end up destroying the whole Nation eventually.