Friday, May 9, 2014

Death of a tiger!

Ever since the down slide of the tiger in India has become apparent the causus belli has created deep consternation. First it was the Project Tiger which elated then depressed. The NTPCA and what not. The down slide continues till today.

We keep on reading a death of a tiger or tigress here and then. The same goes for the leopard albeit more extensive. The situation is so precarious that a loss of one tiger in present circumstances is equivalent of hundred. The poaching of tigers in Panna and Sariska is a frightening spectacle since it happened right under the eye of the administration and that too in the core zones. Tiger deaths elsewhere ---- sans territorial fights.... They God they are

Question: Who was responsible, the poachers of course &......(sic)?

Question: Tourism (sic)?

Why it happened?

Since 1972 we are still learning and finding.....How to save the tiger?

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